Ayatana: This logo for a luxury resort in Coorg, is based on an abstract representation of a ripple of water. The focus being on creating a logo unit that invokes a feeling of calm and a soothing oasis.


Doha Film Institute: The DFI hosts a film festival Qumra which aims at providing a platform for upcoming film makers while also providing them with mentorship opportunities with established professionals. The 2017 proposed logo was based on the idea of “Perspectives” – to mirror the different cerebral viewpoints of both a film maker as well as the physical ones of their medium.


Bynemara: The brand’s logo showcases a company that is both proud of its South Indian heritage while also being flexible to fit into an international market with its approachability.


Temple Tree Leisure: This logo idea is an abstract representation of the thatch roof used in the property. The form mirrors the structural lines of the roof while also forming the basic shape of a petal and/or leaf. The sharp logotype blends with the geometric visual to mirror a refined aesthetic that is modern, minimal and luxurious.


Factor Daily: This logo for an online technology publication is based on key brand values of dynamism and vibrance along with a “multiplicity of factors” to represent the continual evolution of the tech industry in India.


Visual Sarkarsm: A logo designed for an animation design company based on word-visual play using the name of the proprietor.


Champion Reef: An exclusive residential community with premium villas and a resort style club house built around an 18 hole championship golf course. The logo uses an icon of a tree with its flowing leaves representing the freedom of space that comes with the property.



AVT Natural: Logo design for a food technology company.


Demoz School of Music: Logo designed for a music school organisation. The logo form is based on the chords from the song, “Smoke on the Water”, which played a key part in the proprietor’s childhood.



ISCBRM: Part of a pitch for an institute on stem cell research. The logo is based on the evolution of a butterfly representing both metamorphosis and regeneration. The spiral form culminates into a butterfly wing, mirroring both the growth and transformation of a stem cell.


Pret n Pins: Logo and print collaterals designed for an online marketplace for lifestyle accessory products and fashion.



SMB Reach: A logo designed for a marketing company. The idea behind the design being to focus on the reaching out/ for a goal in a distinctly forward direction and upward trajectory.


Mystic Spice: A logo designed for a restaurant, part of a 5 star luxury resort in Alleppey, Kerala. The letter forms were drawn for the client and based on the idea of Indian mystique, illustrated with the use of an ornate element that connects the words to form a cohesive logo unit. A set of icons based on the forms of various spices was also designed for the restaurant to use in its collateral.



Crown Cypress: A logo created for a Bangalore based, real estate company. Cypress is an ultra luxurious residential unit focussing on elegance and quality construction. The logo mimics the overall project plan keeping in mind the simple geometrical design of the Cypress residences.



Islamic University of Science & Technology: Logo presentation for a science and technology institute located in Kashmir. The logo concept is derived from the structure of a ‘jalli’ unit, its flower and leaves carrying forward the concept of a “garden of dialogue” – a space for interactivity and exchange of knowledge.


OO & Soul: The word ‘oo’ translates to ‘wood’ in Manipuri, the region also being where this furniture design and interior production business is based. The client wanted the identity to reflect the modern aesthetic the company’s designs follow and also portray the enterprise as being progressive.


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