Doha Film Institute

This project involved the design of an identity and supporting collaterals for Qumra, an annual film event hosted by the Doha Film Institute. Qumra is an initiative that provides mentorship and hands-on development for filmmakers from Qatar and around the world. The primary motive of this international gathering is to contribute to the development of emerging voices in cinema, with a special focus on first- and second-time filmmakers, alongside screenings for Doha audiences featuring films by international masters and recipients of support from the Institute.

A design team developed all visual communication elements for the event. This included the logo, marketing collaterals, publications, venue branding as well as the digital campaign.

Identity Presentation: This presented concept for the event focusses on the idea of ‘perspectives’ – the different ways in which individuals/film-makers perceive the world around them as well as the varied points of view that audiences might have. The following examples showcase the identity concept through representational images.











Event identity: The selected concept for the festival is based on providing snapshots of films selected for the event in a set of visually dynamic units.



Event publication: Bilingual catalogue (English and Arabic) featuring details of the selected films such as the synopsis, crew credits as well as any production support required.





Event invite: Foil stamped print invitation and envelope for the opening function of the film event.


Invite for the opening of the event.


Event venue: Columns, roll ups, flags and other miscellaneous venue branding.


Event map: Bilingual print map (English and Arabic) handed out to attendees at different event locations.


Print collaterals: These included DVDs containing all the screened films that were handed out to the press. Additional collaterals such as barricades, vouchers and bags were also designed.


Digital campaign: Promotional collateral for the DFI website and various social media platforms to highlight the film event.


Skills: Digital, Event, Identity, Print