More About Me


I am a graphic designer and illustrator based in Bangalore, India.

Since graduating from the National Institute of Design in 2008, I’ve worked in various capacities. First, as part of a core visual design and strategy team at Trapeze – a reputed design studio in Bangalore – to finally taking the leap and setting up my independent design practice in 2010. Over the past 7 years I have led both print and web based projects with clients from fields as diverse as educational institutions, corporate companies, publishing houses and event organisers.

As a designer, I believe each project provides an opportunity to learn something new, and working with clients as a team aids my design process. Setting up a brand from the ground up or designing publications both web and print based, is the kind of work that challenges and excites me. Projects that have a wide scope in terms of application of my design skills are especially appealing.

As an illustrator I’m always trying to find ways to combine my passion for illustration with graphic design. This combination of skills gives me a broader ability to craft design solutions. My illustration style stems from a deep love of the quirky and curious combined with a minimal aesthetic.

I currently work out of co-working studio in Bangalore which I founded with three colleagues. The intent being to benefit from the exchange of diverse experiences while also using the space as a means to reach out and interact with people with an interest in offbeat and engaging ideas.

If you’d like to get in touch, mail me at