More About Me


Aditi Dilip is a graphic designer and illustrator who draws creatures of indeterminate origin.

Having graduated from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, I established
my design practice in 2011, in Bangalore, after gaining valuable learning experience working at a design studio. This included client servicing,ideation and overseeing
the execution of projects I was responsible for.

My cumulative design career of eight years has been focussed on leading both print and web based projects with clients from fields as diverse as educational institutions, corporate companies, publishing houses and graphic novelists.

My studio Co.Lab, is a shared work-space I co-founded which aims to generate opportunities to engage with and exchange varied ideas and cultures.

Select clients: Accenture, Myntra, Karnataka State Cricket Association, National Centre for Biological Sciences (Designer-Trapeze), Alila Hotels & Resorts, Pride Housing and Construction, Champion Reef Golf County (Designer-Trapeze).